We are you-Women, chasing dreams and leading busy lives.

Wherever you’re headed, we hope our designs fit seamlessly into your lives

so you can focus on what’s most important, the life you’re living.

LOUISE & ELEANOR is a testimate to friendship and women working together. As women, we believe that’s what we need to have and also, need to be. We need women who encourage, uplift and inspire us. Women who let us know we’re enough, capable, and mostly, here to support one another. This encouragment, friendship and belief in each other has made all the difference and helps us to keep moving forward.

Here’s to the amazing women around the world and to friends, the ones we’re lucky enough to know and the ones we’ll meet along the way.


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Named after our grandmothers. Different but strong, elegant and kind with timeless grace that reflects the essence of our company.

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Our first “business” as kids, was a lemonade stand.

LOUISE & ELEANOR is a look back, encouraging the girls who just started, to friendship, supporting the women standing beside us and a look forward to the women, who’s inspiration and wisdom we celebrate and embrace.

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We give back by working with select charities, donating bags to great causes.

LOUISE & ELEANOR is available on our website and select stores across the US in; Key Biscayne, Wywood-Miami, Design District-Miami, Bridgehampton, Austin and internationally in London.