We curate Parisian, vintage, one-of-a-kind fabrics and re-purpose them to create; unique, limited edition handbags.

We design carryall totes and racquet bags to take with you, on and off the court.

We create original pieces of art and limited edition prints.




Can be worn from day to night and the adventures in-between.

Pictured here, an illustration of how our handbag' styles can be worn from day to night. The illustration is drawn in four quadrants. in the upper right quadrant, there is an illustration if a city with three buildings and four clouds above the building. There is a sun shining on the city along with a tennis racquet for playing tennis and a tennis ball. There is a desk with a computer and coffee on the desk. The right upper quadrant has an illustration of the Eiffel towner on each side there is a tree, with three clouds above the Eiffel tower and the words, “Bon Voyage” written across the illustration. Below the Eiffel tower illustration is grass. The left lower quadrant is an illustration of a beach with sand, two palm trees, the ocean and three clouds above the ocean. The right lower quadrant is an illustration of the night sky with the moon shining and three illustrated stars shining below the moon.
Pictured here is an illustration of an open faced handbag tote. The tote has two handles and on the tote bag design are 25 round circles distributed evenly across the bag to reflect the design on the bag.


We hope our designs make you smile.


Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 5.49.35 PM.png


is inspired by my grandmothers. 

Two amazing women, who had their own individual styles; a grace that we aspire and positive attitudes that we hope shine though in our creations.

Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 5.43.43 PM.png



Pictured here is our signature LOUISE & ELEANOR lemon logo. An illustration of a lemon, with a leaf, and a lemon flower.

is a symbol of encouragement.

A look back, cheering on the ones who just started. To friendship, supporting the ones standing beside us.

And a look forward, to the ones who’s inspiration and wisdom we celebrate and embrace.


Pictured here, an illustration of an open notebook. On the left side of the notebook is a blank page, the right side of the notebook has our signature LOUISE & ELEANOR lemon tree illustration on it.

is our way of giving back.

We partner with select charities, donating bags to great causes.


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to our family, friends, customers and the people we meet along the way, we are incredibly grateful for you.