TALK TENNIS is a innovative, and un-charistically unique peek into the tennis world. Quick witted, un-filtered host, Kerry Feirman walks you through the facts and stats but also delves into the juicy gossip of the tennis world. Kerry takes you on a fun adventure, exploring the action on and off the court.

When you’re carrying the KERRY, she wants you to know,

“When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you play good. With the KERRY bag as your companion, you are UNSTOPPABLE!” -Kerry Feirman, Founder of TALK TENNIS 

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The show is quirky and comedic, yet serious and informative. Watch Kerry as she explores all of the ins and outs of the tennis world. Follow Kerry as she hits the road to cover tournaments, events, and various tennis related attractions.

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“Talk Tennis is like no Tennis related show you’ve ever seen before. Kerry explores the action on and off the court. Whether you’re an avid tennis fan, or just a casual viewer, TALK TENNIS is engaging and entertaining for everyone!".

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Get hooked as Kerry covers tennis events and brings several tennis professionals and celebrities in to the studio and gives them the tennis 3rd degree.

The KERRY is our collobration with TALK TENNIS with Kerry Feirman.


The KERRY racquet is sporty, yet chic. Functional and fabulous. Fierce, yet classic. A hybrid of a functional tennis bag and an every day handbag. Take it with you to tennis, for travel or wherever your adventures may lead. The KERRY is equipped with three padded zipper pockets for multiple tennis racquets, clothing, shoes, water, interior large zipper pocket, interior zipper pouch pocket.

Look good, feel good, play good! With this beauty as your companion on the court, you are unstoppable!


Discover this unmatched glam and sporty bag and follow along with Kerry as she gives us a front row seat to all the tennis action!

Here to tell us more about TALK TENNIS, meet the founder and host, Kerry Feirman.

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How did your time as a competitive tennis player help with all you're doing at CDT? 

Without developing a passion for tennis at a young age, I would have never found CDT. For that, I am very grateful. Tennis has taught me many valuable lessons, you can’t be afraid to work hard to accomplish goals, sometimes no matter how hard you work, you might not win, and how it’s important to work with your team. Those lessons are so important in life, not just on a tennis court. I try to carry many of those lessons into my work each day.

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What's something you love about CDT?

The people that make up the company. I have met some of my best friends through coaching alongside them on a tennis court. Everyone truly cares about one another; you can’t find that type of atmosphere everywhere. I also love that we’re always trying to grow and evolve as a company with new ideas- whether that is new drills in a clinic or a new concept in the company as a whole, that is so important to stay relevant in an ever-changing tennis industry. 

What’s “CDT Experience” and, what's something that makes it unique?

We try to be the ultimate tennis experience for all of our members and guests on and off the court, and we always try to combine that with the highest level of service imaginable. We launched an exclusive member-only program called the Experience Rewards Program in 2017. We have since opened it to the public. In addition to world-class coaching, this membership rewards program offers many off-court benefits such as discounts on travel, exclusive tennis tips and video courses, podcasts, breaking industry news, and revolutionary access to players and tournaments. We are extremely proud to be able to offer this level of service to our members, both on an off the court. 

How can others get involved or learn more about CDT and CDT experience?

You can learn more about all of CDT’s events and camps across the country here: and you can become a member of Experience and login here: Please email me at with any questions. We would love for everyone to become part of the Cliff Drysdale Tennis Family.

What are a few lessons you've learned by hosting the experience about helping others? 

One of my favorite parts of my job is helping our guests plan a tennis vacation for themselves, friends, or family. I find this so rewarding. I truly want to make sure they have a completely customized and amazing tennis vacation at any of our facilities. These guests are taking time out of their busy lives to play tennis with us, so we feel honored to have them visit our camps.

Do you have motto you can share with others?

I have a sign hanging above my desk that says “Amazing things happen when you have fun doing something you love.”- Jenna Lyons. I love that daily reminder that we can create something great when we are passionate about what we do. Here at Cliff Drysdale Tennis, you find that passion everywhere!